Sissy Sluts unravel (Part2)

Well, I couldn’t let Kelly stay in jail, could I? 😉

Kelly does a runner, and gets out the country. How does she do it, and what happens to our lovely Kelly, the sissy slut bimbo porn star?

We’ll be seeing Kelly again ;-)!



In ‘Sissy Sluts unravel’ poor Kelly ends up in the slammer as a co-conspirator in one of the largest human trafficking rings in modern history! Does she manage toget away? What happens toour poor Kell?? To find out…well you know what to do ;-).

Sexy Boys bust!

It’s happened! The Police have bust the Sexy Boys, and Kelly’s in the slammer! What will happen, you ask? When ‘Sissy Sluts unravel ‘ (Part1) is published, you can find out!headlines

Fast and furious!

Okay, I’m starting to knock them out fast and furious again! Just released three LGBT erotic Fairy Tales. I actually put the L in for LGBT, for a change ;-). ‘Snow White and Goldilocks have some fun!’, ‘Sleeping Beauty once was a boy’, and ‘Snow White and Sleeping Beauty get trashed at home!’.
I’ve also started on the 4st Saga again. The Sheikh is kidnapping more T-girls for his harem! This time, it’s Manila! Soon the Triads will get involved in the sissy slut sex slave trade!



The 4ST Saga

I am now announcing a series that has been planned for a while: ‘The Sissy Slut Sex Slave Trade Saga’, otherwise known as ‘The 4ST Saga’.

I have encompossed 4 other series in this series:

‘The claiming of a Sissy Slut’ series

‘Sissy Slut Harem’ series

‘Sissy Slut Capture’ series

‘Mumbai T-girl’ series

‘Sissy Slut Wars’ (TBA)

All the books will be renumbered and retitled to encompase this change. All of you that have read some or all of the books that are currently available, will see the continuity. These ‘sub-series’ will cease to exist and will be part of the 4ST Saga

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