A man who never was


Move over James Bond, here comes Peter Harkens!

Patricia knew that she should have been born a boy, from a young age. She was orphaned at six months old and had to live in a Catholic orphanage until she was ten years old, when she was adopted by a Japanese couple who understood about children suffering from gender dysphoria.

As it turns out Peter (formerly Patricia) was adopted by a Ninja. He lived as a boy, and was trained in Ninjutsu, from the age of ten.

When Peter was 17, his parents died in a car accident, and his father left him a letter with his last wishes. He wanted Peter to pursue the life of a Ninja. He left the choice of employer up to Peter. Peter chose the CIA, and decided to become a ‘ghost’, or ‘a man who never was’.

This is Peter’s story……………

Oh BTW, Peter is a fully functional post-op trans man, who is a naughty boy indeed. He even has a scene with a pre-op trans lady ;-).


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