The Auction Purchase

Another scifi  preop-transgender female to cisgender (born) female story. Again with just about everything erotic related in it: slave auctions, BDSM,  sadism, masochism, breeding, hucow milking, bondage, breaking in of a virgin, sex slave, even prostitution. More taboo than this you don’t get! However it has a happy ending.

It’s the year 2188, and for the past twenty five years, transgendered women have been able to become cisgendered females with a process called a ‘quantum matter creation sex reassignment procedure’ (QMCSRP). There’s only one problem though. It costs the same price as three average homes in the USA.

A very nice gentleman, by the name of James Hunter, has come up with a solution though. You let him sell you as an unsullied sex slave, for life, and he’ll pay for your QMCSRP. Highly illegal, yes, due to the fact that human trafficking is still illegal in the USA. However, it’s a win/win situation. Mr Hunter makes about four times his money very quickly, and the girls become women, anatomically speaking. The law might have something to say about it though.

Let’s follow one of the young ladies he sells, to see what happens to her……..



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