T-girl submission, Bangkok

This is a three part erotic romance. The first story , only,  has been written and published so far.

The story begins in a ladyboy club in Bangkok. Ladyboy is the Thai slang word for transgendered ladies.

Our heroine is a Thai ladyboy bargirl ( another Thai slang word, meaning prostitute).

She meets a very charming customer, who she is immediately attracted to. He books her for three days. During that time, he introduces her to the joys of submitting, to Him. It turns out that he is a very experienced BDSM Master.

At the end of their time together, she breaks down and declares her love for Him. He takes her as his permanent BDSM submissive.

Th enext two stories deal with their life together. First in Pattaya, Thailand  ( ‘From Pattaya, with submissive love‘), and later when he has to go to London for a while on business ( ‘From  London, submissively, with love’). 

You can find the first part of the series, here:


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