Sissy sluts Rock!

I have almost finished writing a four part series of stories called the ‘Sissy sluts rock!’series.

It’s about a young man called Jacob, who is secretly transgendered. Only his grandfather ( who is also secretly transgendered) and his mother, know his secret.

His grandfather / grandmother, tells him one day that he has left Jacob/ Jessica a very valuable property company in his will. The grandparent says that he/she has two conditions though. The one is that Jessica lives off the income only and does not sell any properties to live off. The other is that as soon as she inherits the company, she goes into transition and lives her life as a slutty woman, which is a fantasy that they both had. Jessica gladly agrees. Both of them are terrified by Jessica’s macho, homophobic father. That is why the grandparent waited till he/she died, to bestow this wealth on Jessica.

The grandparent passes away, and Jessica goes to Thailand for three months to start HRT and undergo extensive cosmetic surgery, and returns to America, as a beautiful woman. The only operation she didn’t have was sex reassignment surgery, due to fear.

On her first night out in New York, as a woman, she goes to a fashionable club, and meets the man of her dreams. They then proceed to have  a steamy and intense love affair, while Jessica still manages to pursue her dreams of being a slut, with her beau, Sean’s agreement, and even assistance.

I have finished and published book 3 : ‘Sissy sluts have more fun!’ . I still have to complete book 4 : ‘Gentlemen prefer sissy sluts!’

You can find the first three stories, on, here:


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